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About OGS :: Oregon Growers & Shippers :: Farm Direct Food from the Columbia River gorge
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About Oregon Growers & Shippers

David Gee
Co-founder, Oregon Growers & Shippers

Straight from the Hood River Valley, Oregon Growers & Shippers makes farm direct specialty foods by combining fresh, in-season produce and recipes that highlight the natural flavor of each ingredient. To achieve Oregon Growers & Shippers' commitment to creating only the highest quality, best tasting products possible, we endeavor to purchase each ingredient directly from local farmers who have exceptional growing practices. All products are made in small batches where quality control is the top priority. With the goal to re-establish the connection between the consumer and the origin of their food, Oregon Growers & Shippers celebrates its regional food economy by promoting farm direct specialty food straight from the source.

Company Mission, Goals, and Standards

Oregon Growers & Shippers mission is to produce and distribute the highest quality farm direct food made from Pacific Northwest ingredients, while using business practices that are respectful to the environment, people, communities, and our way of life. By connecting people to the food of their community, Oregon Growers & Shippers:
• Cultivates partnerships and assists in the fiscal viability of growers in the Pacific Northwest
• Succeeds by not only selling a great product, but by selling food with a sense of place; a connection to those who are stewards of the land
• Strengthens the local community fabric with an endeavor to have an impact at the state and regional level
• Promotes the consumption of regionally based food products
• Encourages and supports sustainable growing and operating practices
• Works to raise awareness about the value of Northwest regional products and respectful growing and business practices

Through these goals, Oregon Growers & Shippers has established the following standards:
• Provide the best quality and tasting product possible
• Establish a regional and significant base of Oregon Growers & Shippers customers
• Provide food from its source
• Purchase produce and products direct from farmers
• Always use fresh, in-season ingredients to produce each product
• Encourage long-term partnerships with regional growers
• Value the place where food is grown and created
• Be respected, active members of our community, both local and regional
• Invest in the current and future needs of our community
• Develop a successful company through sustainable business practices
• Provide an atmosphere for employees to learn, grow, and succeed
• Run and develop Oreogn Growers & Shippers in a manner that is sensitive and respectful of the
• Educate consumers about the value and benefits of a regional food economy

While Oregon Ggrowers & Shippers will continually work to evolve, grow, and develop the standards and goals which it hopes to achieve, at the foundation of its beliefs is that in the simple act of providing food, one has the greatest opportunity to support social change.

Oregon Growers & Shippers is working to build a company where not only will our children's children be proud of our efforts, but the people of our community will promote our mission with pride. Quite simply, our goal is to produce great food from the Pacific Northwest while building a successful company in a manner that is respectful and supportive to ourselves, our staff, the growers, and our community.

Oregon Growers & Shippers