Vanilla Pear Parfait


Vanilla Pear Parfait

Featuring our Vanilla Pear Butter

serves 4

1 pint vanilla ice cream
1 cup caramel sauce (made with 1/2 sugar and 1/2 cup heavy cream)
1/2 cup Oregon Growers & Shippers Vanilla Pear Butter

Make caramel sauce in advance and let cool (see technique on following line)
*Boil cream, and hold warm.
*Put sugar in a sauce pan, dissolve with 1/2 cup water and place over medium high heat.
*Watch sugar as it comes to a boil and monitor closely.
*Sugar will turn to caramel and slowly go from clear to tan, and then to a darker color.
*As sugar darkens (but before it is dark brown) remove from heat
*VERY CAREFULLY whisk hot cream into caramel sauce pan (it will boil up during this step).
*Let caramel sauce cool.

Make the parfait:
In a food processor, lightly blend the ice cream, until it is a little soft.
Drizzle in caramel sauce.
Drop teaspoons of pear butter in as well.
Spoon parfait out into ice cream dishes and reserve in freezer until ready to serve.

Serve with whipped cream, sliced fruit and berries.

Be careful not to soften the ice cream too much.

Oregon Shipper & Growers