Arugula Salad with Blue Cheese and Marionberry Vinaigrette


Arugula Salad with Blue Cheese and Marionberry Vinaigrette

Featuring our Marionberry Jam

Serves 4

Another easy recipe that will wow you guests...

Here is what you will need:
1. 1 large package of pre-washed arugula.(baby spinach works great too)
2. 1 small piece of blue cheese I like Oregon Blue available in the cheese department
3. 1 jar Oregon Growers and Shippers Marionberry Jam
4. 8 Tbls Extra Virgin Olive oil
5. 3 Tbls Red vine vinegar
6. Black Pepper
7. 1 oz. toasted walnuts (optional)
8. 1 large Serving bowl 1 small mixing bowl

What to do:
• Place the vinegar and 1 heaping tablespoon of jam in the small mixing bowl and stir with a fork or whisk.
• Slowly drizzle in the olive oil in a thin stream stirring constantly.
• Add a few grinds of fresh pepper and set aside.
• Add the greens to the serving bowl add just enough vinaigrette to coat the greens and toss.
• Garnish with blue cheese, walnuts and a few more grinds of fresh pepper.

You can make the dressing ahead, but don't add it to the greens until you are ready to serve.

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