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Food Alliance Support
Are you organic certified? The question is often asked. Because OGS felt that while organic certification is great, it only covers a portion of what is important to us when we decide to work with a grower. We believe that the best food comes from producers who have excellent growing and social practices. In order for a farmer to receive a Food Alliance certification, one must meet certification standards for the following:

• Use a range of natural pest controls, such as beneficial insects, careful weather monitoring and scouting
• Use the least toxic pesticides when natural methods don't work
• Improve soil by natural methods, such as crop rotation and cover crops;
• Protect clean drinking water and fish habitat by providing buffer zones in riparian areas
• Provide wildlife habitat and encouraging residency by growing some year round vegetative cover for shelter and food
• Take into consideration quality of life issues for their farm workers and their communities when making daily farm management decisions
• Continually improve their farming practices to make them more environmentally sound, socially just and economically viable.

At OGS, we believe that the way you treat your staff, animals, and community is just as important as the way you till your land. To learn more about Food Alliance go to

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