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The OGS Guarantee
At OGS, our goal is to have happy customers enjoying great tasting food from the Pacific Northwest. We work hard to make sure our products arrive to your kitchen counter in perfect condition. So, in our spare time, we laboratory tested all the ways that could damage an OGS shipment. Our current list is as follows:

1. Never leave a box of our products in our car while we go surfing at the beach
2. Never build a bike ramp using a box of preserves
3. Don’t use a box of products as a stepping stool to load kayaks on top of the car
4. Don’t open a jar for a midnight feeding frenzy and leave the opened jar sitting on the counter all night (open jars must live in the fridge)

However, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our products, just send them back and we will be happy to exchange or refund the product back for you.

Shipping Info
Because of our schedule here in the office and a desire to keep our products from spending the weekend in a warehouse or on a truck, as a general rule we ship Monday through Wednesday and work to get all orders out one to two days of receiving the order. However, we understand the need for last minute deliveries (forgot your mother-in-law’s birthday, you’re worried you are going to get fired for playing hookie last week and want to impress your boss, you can’t sleep until you get more Strawberry Pinot Noir Fruit Spread, etc.) in light of these and many more emergencies, we are happy to ship overnight or priority through UPS.

If you find yourself, pacing at night with cravings for your OGS order, and need an update on where your order is-give us a call. We will be happy to track your order.

Payment Options
Of course, we have had many offers of people’s first born for more of our preserves, but we prefer and can only accept Visa and Mastercard.

Privacy Statement
We hate spam. There is nothing worse than seeing the new mail message pop up on your tool bar, getting all excited, and then finding out that it’s a spam email from a random store or someone trying to sell you something that will increase/decrease some part of your body. Because we value our customers, we will not share your email or personal information with anyone.

In addition, we also understand the responsibility that comes with people giving us their personal information. We have gone through great lengths to ensure that all personal information is transferred through a secure server and will never be shared with additional parties.

How can I learn more about Columbia Gorge?
Our products are just the beginning of a long list of great things here in the Columbia Gorge. While I could go on for hours telling you about the great views, trails, waterfalls and places to enjoy wind sports, our chamber does an excellent job. To learn more go to If you have already called them, and are still looking for an even more “inside” scoop, give us a holler.

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