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Peter Kinsey showing off his 2004 cherry harvest

The success of each product is directly related to the quality of fruit used. Therefore, OGS works extensively to identify growers who use the best and most sustainable growing practices available. In order to help determine which farmers to work with, one range of measurement OGS has been using is to work with The Food Alliance in Portland, Oregon.

While not all of the farmers working with OGS have received The Food Alliance Certification, the Alliance requirements gives OGS a set of guidelines to begin determining appropriate growers for a long-term partnership.

Some of the Farmers OGS works with includes:

1. Heather and Craig McCurdy, McCurdy Farms-Hood River, OR-Pears
2. Gary Wells, Wells & Sons Farms-Hood River, OR Apples
3. Peter and Peggy Kinsey, Kinsey’s Farms-Mosier, ORCherries
4. Scenic Fruit Company-Sandy, OR-Strawberries
5. West Nut Farms-Dundee, OR-Hazelnuts
6. Willamette Valley Fruit Company-Willamette Valley, OR Marionberry

Gary Wells

Because the connection of the growers to the consumer is so important to the mission and
goals of the company, OGS works to educate consumers about the farmers that partner with
OGS through label descriptions, outreach efforts, and information on the website.

Additionally, to further support the long-term relationship between OGS and the growers, OGS pays growers for their produce within thirty days of receiving goods. While this may seem like a simple concept, growers are often forced to wait ninety days or more to receive payment on their goods. Because supporting the growers is key to the company’s mission, OGS is committed to paying growers in a timely manner.

Dave Gee and Craig McCurdy discussing next year’s production

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