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Cranberry, Pear and Goat Cheese Torta

Featuring our Cranberry Pear Spread

serves 6

8 oz Fromage blanc or mild soft goat cheese
4 Tbs OGS Cranberry Pear Spread
to taste salt and pepper
Decoration chopped chives

Take a standard muffin tin. Line one of the cups with plastic food wrap, making sure it is smooth.

In a food processor, puree half of the cheese (until soft) and set aside.
Puree the other half of the cheese with 2 TBS of OGS Cranberry Pear spread

Press the remaining 2 TBS of OGS Cranberry Pear Spread into the bottom of the lined cup
Next, layer the mixed cheese and spread into the cup without disturbing the first layer
Add the last layer of softened cheese on top.
Cover the torta with plastic wrap and chill in the refridgerator for one hour.

To remove the torta, take away the bottom layer of plastic wrap.
Put a service platter over top of the pan and reverse direction so the pan is upsidedown on the platter.
The torta should drop gently from the pan onto the platter.
Carefully remove the plastic wrap from the exterior.

Decorate with chopped chives and serve with crackers or toasted bread

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